Our simple but refined restaurant is located in Milan at 8, via Conchetta, a few metres from Naviglio Pavese , an area considered one of the most beautiful and fashionable in the city .
At Osteria Conchetta you can taste the most authentic and genuine, traditional Milanese cuisine. From braised dishes to risottos, from cassoeula to ossobuco, you will be overwhelmed by the scents and flavours of traditional Milanese dishes which have resisted the passing of time and changing fashions in taste.
You will be welcomed in a relaxing and intimate atmosphere in which the simplicity of the surroundings and the staff will make you feel at home.
A visit to this temple of Milanese cuisine is a must, then, to enjoy a simple lunch of excellent quality.
Last but not least, there is free reserved parking, an appropriate gift for our customers who thus have to worry about only one thing: what to choose from the menu…


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